LocalGov Drupal distribution: Webform additions.

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Provides additional configuration, styling and components for the Drupal Webform module.

Additional components

  • LocalGov Forms Date - A date input field based on the GDS Date Input pattern
  • LocalGov address lookup - Webform element with a configurable address lookup backend. Geocoder plugins act as backends.


The geocoder-php/nominatim-provider package is necessary to run automated tests:

$ composer require --dev geocoder-php/nominatim-provider

The localgovdrupal/localgov_geo and localgovdrupal/localgov_os_places_geocoder_provider packages are needed to use the Ordnance Survey Places API-based address lookup plugin. Once these packages are installed, the Localgov OS Places plugin will become available for selection from the Localgov address lookup element's configuration form.

Editing webforms

Webforms in Drupal are config entities, therefore are by default exported with the website configuration. It is often desirable that webforms are built and maintained by non-developers. To avoid the configuration being removed by deployments, install the Config ignore module and under /admin/config/development/configuration/ignore add the following: