LocalGov Drupal distribution: Webform additions.


Provides additional configuration, styling and components for the Drupal Webform module.

Additional components

  • LocalGov Forms Date - A date input field based on the GDS Date Input pattern
  • LocalGov address lookup - Webform element with a configurable address lookup backend. Geocoder plugins act as backends.


The geocoder-php/nominatim-provider package is necessary to run automated tests:

$ composer require --dev geocoder-php/nominatim-provider

The localgovdrupal/localgov_geo and localgovdrupal/localgov_os_places_geocoder_provider packages are needed to use the Ordnance Survey Places API-based address lookup plugin. Once these packages are installed, the Localgov OS Places plugin will become available for selection from the Localgov address lookup element's configuration form.