Example content for demonstrating the LocalGovDrupal distribution and to help with development.

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2.1.8 2022-11-14 14:48 UTC


Example content for demonstrating the LocalGov Drupal distribution and to help with development.

Updating and adding content

To update default content already included in the module simply run:

drush dcem localgov_demo

To add new content add entity UUIDs to the localgov_demo.info.yml file and export the content as above. Details on how to find entity UUIDs can be found here: https://www.drupal.org/docs/8/modules/default-content-for-d8/defining-default-content
(Hint: use Devel).


Export content and all references with:

lando drush dcer <entity type> <entity id> --folder=modules/contrib/localgov_demo/content/


  1. The --folder definition is relative to the web root.
  2. There is no slash at the start of the path, it is --folder=modules/contrib...
  3. You should delete the localgov_demo/content/user directory before committing code if using this method as it will include users.
  4. You should also add the new UUIDs to the localgov_demo.info.yml file.