LocalGovDrupal distribution: Gov.uk style Step By Step navigation.


Step by step

What is it?

This module attempts to implement the Gov.uk Step by step navigation journeys.

Our implementation provides a Step by step overview content type that refers to several pages of the Step by step page content type. When this overview or any of the Step by step pages is viewed, the Step by step navigation appears. This navigation lists all the Step by step pages belonging to the related Step by step overview.

What is in it?

  • 2 x Content types:
    • Step by step overview
    • Step by step page
  • 3 x blocks all coming out of a View:
    • Step by step navigation. This is supposed to appear in all Step by step pages.
    • A similar Step by step navigation, but this one is for the Step by step overview.
    • Previous/Next links for each Step by step page.

Install process

  • Standard Drupal module installation process applies. But...

  • The 3 x block configuration files are only installed if you are using the LocalGov Drupal base theme. So before installing this module, open these three files and replace "localgov_theme" with your theme name:

    • config/optional/block.block.localgov_step_by_step_navigation.yml
    • config/optional/block.block.localgov_step_by_step_navigation_block_for_overview.yml
    • config/optional/block.block.localgov_step_by_step_prev_next.yml

    You can revert these changes after module installation as these files are no longer needed.

  • Alternatively, add these three blocks from the Drupal block layout admin page. The Prev/Next block should be placed after the "Main page content" block. The other two Step by step navigation blocks can be placed in the second sidebar or after the "Main page content" block based on your preferences.

How to use it

  • Add one or more Step by step overviews.
  • Add a few Step by step pages. In each of the page, use the "Step by step overview" autocomplete field to refer to the relevant Step by step overview.
  • To reorder the Step by step pages, edit the related Step by step overview and drag the Step by step pages.


Unlike the gov.uk Step by step prototype, we do not provide pages for substeps.

Known bugs

If you change the Step by step overview of a Step by step page, the old overview will still refer to the Step by step page. This breaks the Step by step navigation. In such scenarios, manually remove the reference to the Step by step page from the old Step by step overview. A fix has been planned.