Seamless software updates library for CodeIgniter4 projects.

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Liaison Revision is a software updates library that handles the updating of files in your CodeIgniter4 projects.

System Requirements

Liaison Revision requires PHP 7.3+ to run. It also requires the PHP extension ext-intl to be installed. Additionally, you can have the ext-dom extension enabled to use the XmlLogHandler.

Liaison Revision needs to run on versions of CodeIgniter 4 greater than v4.0.4 due to the classes used within the library which are not available on v4.0.4 and below. You can also opt to use the develop branch for the latest changes.


Composer installation

You can add this library as a local, per-project dependency to your project using Composer:

composer require liaison/revision

If you only need this library during development, for instance to run your project's test suite, then you should add it as a development-time dependency:

composer require --dev liaison/revision

Manual installation




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