Integration of GoCardless enterprise library into Symfony

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GoCardless Enterprise Bundle

Integration of the GoCardless Enterprise API into Symfony.

  • Create a new parameter called gocardless_enterprise in your configuration:
        baseUrl: 'https://api.gocardless.com/'
        gocardlessVersion: '2015-07-06'
        webhook_secret: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
        creditorId: XXXXXXXXXXXXXX
  • Add GoCardlessEnterpriseBundle to your AppKernel.php
new Lendable\GoCardlessEnterpriseBundle\GoCardlessEnterpriseBundle(),

You will then have a service available to you called gocardless_enterprise.client with methods for interacting with GoCardless Enterprise API endpoints. This service includes a method for validating the signature of any webhook received from GoCardless (assuming you configured the webhook_secret properly).

The following Models will be mapped to your database automatically:

  • Customer
  • CustomerBankAccount
  • Mandate
  • Payment

Documentation and help can be found here:

https://developer.gocardless.com/pro/2015-07-06 (for versioned docs)

https://help.gocardless.com (for GoCardless support contact details)