Plugins for Tactician commands using Doctrine, like wrapping every command in a transaction

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This package adds plugins for using Tactician with Doctrine components, either the ORM or just DBAL. The main feature is the ability to wrap each command in a separate database transaction.


Via Composer

$ composer require league/tactician-doctrine

Next, add the ORM\TransactionMiddleware to your CommandBus:

$commandBus = new \League\Tactician\CommandBus(
        new TransactionMiddleware($ormEntityManager)

That's it. Each command you execute will now open and close a new transaction.

If a command fires off more commands, be aware that those commands will run in the same transaction as the parent. It is recommended that you run each command as a separate transaction, so to prevent this from happening, use the LockingMiddleware that ships in Tactician core. This will queue the commands up internally until the parent command has completed.

If an exception is raised while handling the command, the transaction is rolled back, the EntityManager closed, and the exception rethrown.

Symfony integration

When using the [tactician-bundle] (https://github.com/thephpleague/tactician-bundle), don't forget to add the Doctrine middleware to your Symfony config:

             - tactician.middleware.locking
             - tactician.middleware.doctrine
             - tactician.middleware.command_handler


$ ./vendor/bin/phpunit


Disclosure information can be found on the main Tactician repo.


The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.