The Lavalite CMS based on laravel.

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*Version Beta

This is an implementation of the backend of lavalite, which can be used for web based application and Content Management System based upon Laravel 5.1 and Twitter Bootstrap 3

System Requirements

Lavalite is designed to run on a machine with PHP 5.5 and MySQL 5.5.

  • PHP >= 5.5.9 with
    • OpenSSL PHP Extension
    • PDO PHP Extension
    • Mbstring PHP Extension
    • Tokenizer PHP Extension
  • Composer installed to load the dependencies of Lavalite.
  • bower for installing javascript libraries.
  • glup for managing javascript and css.


Please check the system requirements before installing Lavalite.

  1. You may install by cloning from github, or via composer.
    • Github:
      • git clone
      • From a command line open in the folder, run composer install.
    • Composer:
      • composer create-project LavaLite/cms cms dev-master
  2. Then, run bower install to install javascript libraries.
  3. Run gulp to to copy javascript library files to public folder.
  4. Publish migratins seeds config etc php artisan vendor:publish
  5. Enter your database details in .env file on root folder.
  6. Run php artisan migrate to setup your database.
  7. Execute below commands to seed your tables, before executing this commands run composer dump-autolad to load published table seeders to the class map.
    • php artisan db:seed --class=PageTableSeeder
    • php artisan db:seed --class=MenuTableSeeder
    • php artisan db:seed --class=UserTableSeeder
  8. You can contigure mail server details in config/mail.php.
  9. You can configure the site in the app/config folder before production.
  10. Finally, setup an Apache VirtualHost to point to the "public" folder.
    • For development, you can simply run php artisan serve

Lavalite may require one set of permissions to be configured: folders within storage require write access by the web server. For more detals on installation check laravel installation giude

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