The Laravel Bridge use on Slim framework

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The bridge for Laravel in Slim framework


Using Composer to install package:

composer require laravel-bridge/slim

Replace class name Slim\App to bridge class LaravelBridge\Slim\App:

// Rename use class
use LaravelBridge\Slim\App;

// Or rename new instace class
$app = new \LaravelBridge\Slim\App();

Finally, it will work on most Slim project. Here has an example for more detail.

Using Laravel Service

LaravelBridge\Slim\App will use the Slim default service (e.g. Slim\Handlers\Error). If you want to use the Laravel Error handler, you can set the second argument, It will use all Laravel service defined in this bridge.

$app = new App([], true);

If you want to use some of Laravel service, use the ContainerBuilder.

$container = (new ContainerBuilder)

$app = new App($container);


The foundHandler in Slim is invoke when the route found.

This bridge implements a auto injection handler like Laravel, names RequestResponse. Use Laravel Service or call ContainerBuilder::useLaravelFoundHandler() can enable handler.

$container = (new ContainerBuilder)

$app = new App($container);

$app->get('/', function (IlluminateRequest $request, $args) {
    // Auto-inject Illuminate Request in clousre


Slim use the Collection class, Laravel Bridge use the Fluent class.