Langley Foxall Laravel Boilerplate


This is our internal boilerplate for Laravel projects, it should hopefully reduce the time it takes for you to setup a project & also improve code standards across the board.


The Langley Foxall Laravel Boilerplate can be easily installed using Composer. Just run the following command and it will create a new directory for your project.

composer create-project langleyfoxall/laravel-boilerplate

The boilerplate and all its dependencies will be automatically downloaded.


The table below illustrates the planned features and the currently implemented features.

Feature Implemented Desc
Log Viewer Easily viewing logs
React Frontend framework
ESLint Coding standards
Ziggy Use named routes in your js
JWT Auth JWT API authorization
Jest JS testing framework
Enzyme Utilities for testing React
Travis Continuous integration
Dusk Browser testing for Laravel (blade)
Laravel Debug Bar Help debugger


  • Be careful when using Jest & Dusk, they should not be used in tandem, use Jest & Enzyme for React rendered apps & Dusk for Blade rendered apps.
  • When using Ziggy, ensure you add @routes before you include your application's bundle.
  • JWTAuth is using the latest release candidate & not 0.5.*. Therefore make sure you use this link when referring to the docs.
  • Travis (.travis.yml) may need some modifications based on your setup.