Uses FabienPennequin/DoctrineExtensions-Taggable to add tagging to the Kunstmaan bundles

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This bundle adds tagging to your Kunstmaan Bundles project.

Installation requirements

You should be able to get Symfony 3 up and running before you can install the KunstmaanTaggingBundle.

Installation instructions

Assuming you have installed composer.phar or composer binary:

$ composer require kunstmaan/tagging-bundle
$ composer require fpn/doctrine-extensions-taggable

Add the KunstmaanTaggingBundle to your AppKernel.php file:

new Kunstmaan\TaggingBundle\KunstmaanTaggingBundle(),

You can find more detailed information on how to use this bundle here

Symfony 2.2

If you want to use this bundle for a Symfony 2.2 release, use the 2.2 branch.