kunstmaan/node-bundle dependents (16)

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    Add articles to your website. Use the KunstmaanGeneratorBundle to generate a new Overview/Detail article section for your website

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    The "Kunstmaan Bundles CMS Standard Edition" distribution

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    Managing forms, fields and their submissions by the user is a key functionality missing in most platforms. By leveraging the KunstmaanPagePartBundle system in the KunstmaanFormBundle users gain an easy way to create and manage the form on their website, again without having to worry about the technical side of things.

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    This bundle makes it possible to manage multiple menus via the administrator interface.

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    This bundle uses the KunstmaanSearchBundle to search through Nodes from the KunstmaanNodeBundle

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    The KunstmaanPagePartBundle forms the basis of our content management framework. A page built using a composition of blocks names pageparts. These pageparts allow you to fully separate the data from the presentation so non-technical webmasters can manage the website. Every page can have it's own list of possible pageparts, and pageparts are easy to create for your specific project to allow for rapid development.

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    This bundle adds a way to configure redirects from the backend.

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    A sitemap bundle to generate a sitemap for your Kunstmaan bundles website based on its Nodes

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    Uses FabienPennequin/DoctrineExtensions-Taggable to add tagging to the Kunstmaan bundles

  • kunstmaan/view-bundle

    Symfony2 KunstmaanViewBundle


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    This bundle provides overrides to the Kunstmaan Node bundle

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    The CMS Pages Bundle provides a common set of pages for the Kunstmaan CMS - HomePage, ContentPage, and Separator Page