Firebase Admin SDK


Interact with Google Firebase from your PHP application.

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You can find the full documentation at

An example project can be found at .

Feature matrix

Feature PHP Node.js Java Python Go
Custom Token Minting
ID Token Verification
Realtime Database API ✅* ✅*
User Management API
Remote Config
Cloud Messaging API
Cloud Storage API
Cloud Firestore API #

* The Realtime Database API currently does not support realtime event listeners.

# An integration with google/cloud-firestore is currently not available to avoid the need to install the grpc PHP extension when using this SDK. morrislaptop/firestore-php is a new project that aims to provide support for the Firestore without the need to install the grpc PHP extension.


For bug reports and feature requests, use the issue tracker.

For help with and discussion about the PHP SDK, join the Gitter Channel dedicated to this library.

For questions about Firebase in general, use Stack Overflow or join the Firebase Slack Community.