PHP package for Laravel to type Eloquent models and routes with autogenerated TypeScript, ready for Inertia with associated NPM package.


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PHP package for Laravel to type Eloquent models and routes with autogenerated TypeScript, ready for Inertia with associated NPM package.

PHP 8.1 is required and Laravel 9+ is recommended.

The package ziggy is NOT REQUIRED to use kiwilan/typescriptable-laravel.

Database Supported
SQL Server


You can install the package via composer:

composer require kiwilan/typescriptable-laravel


You can publish the config file

php artisan vendor:publish --tag="typescriptable-config"

Update config file config/typescriptable.php


return [
     * The path to the output directory.
    'output_path' => resource_path('js'),

     * Options for the models.
    'models' => [
        'filename' => 'types-models.d.ts',
         * The path to the models directory.
        'directory' => app_path('Models'),
         * Models to skip.
        'skip' => [
            // 'App\\Models\\User',
         * Whether to add the LaravelPaginate type (with API type and view type).
        'paginate' => true,
         * Whether to add the fake Jetstream Team type to avoid errors.
        'fake_team' => false,
     * Options for the routes.
    'routes' => [
        'filename' => 'types-routes.d.ts',
        'filename_list' => 'routes.ts',
         * Use routes `path` instead of `name` for the type name.
        'use_path' => false,
         * Routes to skip.
        'skip' => [
            'name' => [
            'path' => [


php artisan typescriptable
  • --A|all: Generate all types.
  • --M|models: Generate Models types.
  • --R|routes: Generate Routes types.

Eloquent Models

Generate resources/js/types-models.d.ts file with all models types.

php artisan typescriptable:models
  • Generate TS types for Eloquent models
  • Generate TS types for Eloquent relations (except morphTo)
  • Generate TS types for casts (include native enum support)
  • Generate TS types for dates
  • Generate TS types for appends (partial for Casts\Attribute, you can use old way to define get*Attribute methods)
  • Generate TS types counts
  • Generate pagination TS types for Laravel pagination with option paginate


Generate resources/js/types-routes.d.ts file with all routes types and resources/js/routes.ts for routes references.

php artisan typescriptable:routes


You can use associated NPM package @kiwilan/typescriptable-laravel to use helpers with typescriptable:models and typescriptable:routes commands.

  • Execute automatically typescriptable:models and typescriptable:routes commands with watch mode.
  • A composable useInertiaTyped with typed router, typed usePage and some helpers.
  • A Vue component Route with typed to prop.
  • A Vue plugin to inject all new features.
  • All Inertia types for page and global properties.


Eloquent Models

An example of Eloquent model.


namespace App\Models;

use Kiwilan\Steward\Enums\PublishStatusEnum;

class Story extends Model
    use HasFactory;

    protected $fillable = [

    protected $appends = [

    protected $withCount = [

    protected $casts = [
        'status' => PublishStatusEnum::class,
        'published_at' => 'datetime:Y-m-d',

    public function getTimeToReadAttribute(): int

    public function chapters(): HasMany

    public function category(): BelongsTo

    public function author(): BelongsTo

    public function tags(): BelongsToMany

TS file generated at resources/js/types-models.d.ts

declare namespace App {
    declare namespace Models {
        export type Story = {
            id: number;
            title: string;
            slug?: string;
            abstract?: string;
            original_link?: string;
            picture?: string;
            status: "draft" | "scheduled" | "published";
            published_at?: Date;
            meta_title?: string;
            meta_description?: string;
            created_at?: Date;
            updated_at?: Date;
            author_id?: number;
            category_id?: number;
            time_to_read?: number;
            chapters?: Chapter[];
            category?: Category;
            author?: Author;
            tags?: Tag[];
            chapters_count?: number;
            tags_count?: number;
    // With `paginate` option.
    export type PaginateLink = {
        url: string;
        label: string;
        active: boolean;
    export type Paginate<T = any> = {
        data: T[];
        current_page: number;
        first_page_url: string;
        from: number;
        last_page: number;
        last_page_url: string;
        links: App.PaginateLink[];
        next_page_url: string;
        path: string;
        per_page: number;
        prev_page_url: string;
        to: number;
        total: number;

Usage in Vue component.

<script lang="ts" setup>
    story?: App.Models.Story;

Or with paginate option.

<script lang="ts" setup>
    stories?: App.Paginate<App.Models.Story>;


cp .env.example .env
composer test


  • 90% coverage
  • Generate TS types for morphTo
  • Use appends to define type for Casts\Attribute methods


Please see CHANGELOG for more information on what has changed recently.



The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.