Plugins and modules for publication management with Fedora repositories.

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Kitodo.Publication is free software, an extension for TYPO3 and part of the Kitodo Digital Library Suite. It implements the user and administrator interfaces for a document and publication server.

DDEV Development Environment

This extension provides a TYPO3 environment powered by DDEV. For more information check out the DDEV documentation.

Start and Configuration

  1. ddev start to start all containers
  2. ddev first-install to install TYPO3 and all extensions
  3. ddev import-db -f db.sql.gz to import a prepared database
  4. ddev launch typo3 to go to the backoffice login page

Steps 1–3 are mandatory after the initial checkout to set up the virtual environment.

TYPO3 backend credentails

  • Username: admin
  • Password: adminadmin

Running Unit Tests

Run all the extensions unit tests simply by executing ddev test.

More information