This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. No replacement package was suggested.

Dashboard and code-driven configuration for Laravel queues.

v4.1.0 2020-03-24 16:25 UTC


Horizon Horizon is based on the official Laravel Horizon package.The web UI is also included.

If you prefer a pure restful api and want to customize the UI, you can refer to Lumen-horizon by servocoder.


  1. Run composer to add the dependency.
composer require kinsolee/horizon-lumen
  1. Install the horizon or publish the assets only
php artisan horizon:install // This will copy the config file to the config directory
php artisan horizon:assets


  • If you get the follow errors when you run horizon:assets/horizon:install:
Type error: Argument 1 passed to Laravel\Horizon\Repositories\RedisMasterSupervisorRepository::__construct() must implement interface Illuminate\Contr
  acts\Redis\Factory, instance of Redis given

Make sure you register Illuminate\Redis\RedisServiceProvider::class in your boorstrap/app.php file.

  • If you deploy horizon-lumen on sub-directory, please specific base_path in config/horizon.php

  • If you occur error: ERROR: RuntimeException: A facade root has not been set., please uncomment $app->withFacades(); in bootstrap/app.php

Official Documentation

Documentation for Horizon can be found on the Laravel website.


Thank you for considering contributing to Horizon! The contribution guide can be found in the Laravel documentation.

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Security Vulnerabilities

Please review our security policy on how to report security vulnerabilities.


Laravel Horizon is open-sourced software licensed under the MIT license.