ACME library written in PHP.

v0.5.3 2019-02-06 19:21 UTC


kelunik/acme is a non-blocking implementation of the ACME protocol based on the amp concurrency framework.

If you're looking for a PHP client, have a look at kelunik/acme-client which is based on this library.

Required PHP Version

  • PHP 7.0


composer require kelunik/acme

This package follows semantic versioning. Although there's no v1.0.0 yet, it's safe to use it as a dependency, because breaking changes won't be installed when using it as ^0.3.


The library is fully documented using PHPDoc.


If you're not familiar with promises and amphp/amp yet, read my blog post to get started. You can always use Amp\Promise\wait to use this async library in synchronous code.