Parses the Mastodon Streaming API server-sent events to JSON.

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Last update: 2022-09-24 22:15:50 UTC


Server-Sent Events parser of Mastodon Streaming API in PHP

This class simply parses the received lines from server-sent events of the Mastodon Streaming API to JSON object string.

The below lines (server-sent event messages) will be parsed in JSON as below.

event: update
data: {"id":"10000 ... visible\">0FS8QET2TT</span></a><br><a hr
ef=\"https://www ... ts":[],"mentions":[],"tags":[],"emojis":[]}

use \KEINOS\MSTDN_TOOLS\Parser\Parser;

$parser = new Parser();

while (! feof($stream)) {
    $line = fgets($stream);
    $json = $parser->parse($line);
    if (false === $json) {
    echo $json . PHP_EOL;

{"event":"update","payload":{"id":"10000 ... visible\">0FS8QET2TT<\/span><\/a><br><a href=\"https:\/\/www .... ts":[],"mentions":[],"tags":[],"emojis":[]}}

Use this class if you are receiving the streaming signal directly from Mastodon Streaming API via socket connection, rather than WebSocket which requires an access token when upgrading the protocol.


composer require keinos/mastodon-streaming-api-parser


  • Instantiation

    $parser = new \KEINOS\MSTDN_TOOLS\Parser\Parser();
  • Method

     * @param  string $line   Received streaming line.
     * @return bool|string    Returns the data unit in JSON string. Or false if the
     *                        status is "buffering in progress".
    $json = $parser->parse($line);
  • Returned JSON string structure

        "event":"[Event name]",
        "payload":"[Data of the event]"
  • Interface: ParserInterface.php


// Instantiate the parser
$parser = new \KEINOS\MSTDN_TOOLS\Parser\Parser();
// Open socket
$fp = fsockopen($hostname, $port, $errno, $errstr, $timeout);
// Send GET request
fwrite($fp, $req);
// Looper
while (! feof($fp)) {
    // Read the stream
    $read = fgets($fp);
    // Buffer each line until it returns the data
    $json = $parser->parse($read);
    if (false === $json) {
    // Do something with the data
    echo $json . PHP_EOL;
// Close connection



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