Common exceptions shared between different applications

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1.2.1 2022-10-02 21:12 UTC

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Last update: 2024-04-30 00:26:32 UTC


This package provides common exception interfaces to be shared between different Keboola systems.


In your library or application implement UserExceptionInterface for exceptions that are caused by user's error. That usually means validation failures, HTTP404s, HTTP403s, etc. Anything where user can take any step to fix it.

Also there is ApplicationExceptionInterface for the other thing - where you want to explicitly state that the exception is NOT user error.


Clone this repository and init the workspace with following command:

git clone
cd common-exceptions
docker-compose build
docker-compose run --rm dev composer install --no-scripts

Run the test suite using this command:

docker-compose run --rm dev composer tests


For information about deployment and integration with KBC, please refer to the deployment section of developers documentation


MIT licensed, see LICENSE file.