Client for Azure Key Vault

3.0.0 2022-09-21 22:08 UTC

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Last update: 2023-09-22 00:39:54 UTC


PHP client for Azure Key Vault.

Supports the following authentication methods:

  • Client credentials supplied in AZURE_TENANT_ID, AZURE_CLIENT_ID and AZURE_CLIENT_SECRET environment variables
  • Managed identity picked automatically if client credentials not specified and Azure Instance Metadata is available.

Only key encrypt and decrypt methods are currently implemented.


composer require keboola/azure-key-vault-client


Create client instance and encrypt data:

$client = new Client(
    new GuzzleClientFactory($logger),
    new AuthenticatorFactory(),

$result = $client->encrypt(
    new EncryptRequest(EncryptRequest::RSA_OAEP_256, 'test'),


Run tests with:

docker-compose run --rm testsXX

where XX is PHP version (56 - 74), e.g.:

docker-compose run --rm tests70

Resources Setup

Create a resource group:

az group create --name testing-azure-key-vault-php-client --location "East US"

Create a service principal:

az ad sp create-for-rbac --name testing-azure-key-vault-php-client

Use the response to set values TEST_CLIENT_ID, TEST_CLIENT_SECRET and TEST_TENANT_ID in the .env. file:

  "appId": "268a6f05-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx", //-> TEST_CLIENT_ID
  "displayName": "testing-azure-key-vault-php-client",
  "name": "http://testing-azure-key-vault-php-client",
  "password": "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx", //-> TEST_CLIENT_SECRET
  "tenant": "9b85ee6f-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" //-> TEST_TENANT_ID

Get ID of the service principal:

az ad sp list --filter "displayname eq 'testing-azure-key-vault-php-client'" --query [].objectId

Get ID of a group to which the current user belongs (e.g. "Developers"):

az ad group list --filter "displayname eq 'Developers'" --query [].objectId

Deploy the key vault, provide tentant ID, service principal ID and group ID from the previous commands:

az deployment group create --resource-group testing-azure-key-vault-php-client --template-file arm-template.json --parameters vault_name=testing-key-vault-client tenant_id=9b85ee6f-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx service_principal_object_id=7f7a8a4c-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx group_object_id=a1e8da73-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Create key:

az keyvault key create --name test-key --vault-name testing-key-vault-client --query key.kid

returns e.g., use this to set values in .env file:


MIT licensed, see LICENSE file.