Asynchronous XMPP Library for PHP

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Asynchronous XMPP library for PHP based on React PHP. Library is still work in progress, so I don't recommend using it. It obsoletes my old kadet/xmpp package.

Already available

Modular Client class

By design client class (\Kadet\Xmpp\XmppClient) acts like stream - for sending and receiving packets over network, event emitter to inform about events, and dependency container (what a wonderful violation of SRP) for managing modules. It allows to move almost all logic outside of that class into proper and exchangeable components.

Basic client instance can be set up quite easily:

$loop   = React\EventLoop\Factory::create();
$client = new \Kadet\Xmpp\XmppClient(new \Kadet\Xmpp\Jid('local@domain.tld/resource'), [
    'loop'     => $loop,
    'password' => 'epicpasspeoem',

// Event declatation ...


Options passed to second argument, are equivalent to C#'s property instantiation, so above example is same as calling:

$client = new \Kadet\Xmpp\XmppClient(new \Kadet\Xmpp\Jid('local@domain.tld/resource'));
$client->loop = $loop;
$client->password = 'epicpasspoem';

With exception for modules and default-modules which are used for initial module setup. You can disable default modules by setting default-modules to false, but it's highly not recommended for non-test purposes.

Available events are:

element(Kadet\Xmpp\Xml\XmlElement $element) // element received
features(Kadet\Xmpp\StreamFeatures $features) // features received

send.element(Kadet\Xmpp\Xml\XmlElement $element) // element sent
send.text(string $data) // some text (non valid XmlElement) sent

stream.open(Kadet\Xmpp\Xml\XmlElement $stream) // Stream started
stream.close() // Stream closed

stream.error(Kadet\Xmpp\Stream\Error $error) // Stream errored

connect(StreamDuplexInterface $stream) // called when connection is ready
exception(Exception $exception) // called when otherwise unhandled exception happens

also, all default events from react/stream are applicable.

TLS Handling

Most of XMPP servers require TLS connection, by default React streams don't support encryption. Library will handle encryption if underlying stream implements \Kadet\Xmpp\Network\SecureStream interface (provided stream classes like \Kadet\Xmpp\Network\TcpStream implements it by default).

(Better)Event API

Nucleus uses extended version of evenement/evenement to provide convenient EventEmitter API. So you can now filter events by predicates and event queue is prioritized.

$emitter->on($event, $callback, $predicate = null, $priority = 0);

Predicate, as well as callback is called with arguments passed to event. There are few default predicates that you can use, they can be found in Utils/Filter.php.

// Will fire event only if element belongs into self::TLS_NAMESPACE.
$stream->on('element', $callable, with\xmlns(self::TLS_NAMESPACE));

Also you can prioritize events

$stream->on('element', $second, null, 0);
$stream->on('element', $first, null, 1); // will fire first

Sender argument is not provided by default, if needed you have to partially apply function, there is also shortcut in every event emitting class.

$stream->on('element', $stream->reference($callable)); // Will fire $callable($stream, ...$arguments);

Event queue can be stopped by returning false by event.

Things to do

See roadmap on Trello, I'll keep it updated. Project is created in milestone system, it means that after completing each milestone API should be stable - but it's not guaranteed at the moment.