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A Formatter for Monolog with color support Built by Bramus! -


bramus/monolog-colored-line-formatter is a formatter for use with Monolog. It augments the Monolog LineFormatter by adding color support. To achieve this bramus/monolog-colored-line-formatter uses ANSI Escape Sequences – provided by bramus/ansi-php – which makes it perfect for usage on text based terminals (viz. the shell).

bramus/monolog-colored-line-formatter ships with a default color scheme, yet it can be adjusted to fit your own needs.


  • PHP 7.2 or greater
  • Monolog 2.0 or greater

Looking for a version compatible with Monolog 1.x? Check out the monolog-1.x branch then. The version of monolog-colored-line-formatter that is compatible with Monolog 1.x, is monolog-colored-line-formatter version ~2.0


Installation is possible using Composer.

Install monolog-colored-line-formatter, compatible with Monolog 2.x:

composer require bramus/monolog-colored-line-formatter ~3.0

Install monolog-colored-line-formatter, compatible with Monolog 1.x:

composer require bramus/monolog-colored-line-formatter ~2.0


Create an instance of \Bramus\Monolog\Formatter\ColoredLineFormatter and set it as the formatter for the \Monolog\Handler\StreamHandler that you use with your \Monolog\Logger instance.

use \Monolog\Logger;
use \Monolog\Handler\StreamHandler;
use \Bramus\Monolog\Formatter\ColoredLineFormatter;

$log = new Logger('DEMO');
$handler = new StreamHandler('php://stdout', Logger::WARNING);
$handler->setFormatter(new ColoredLineFormatter());

$log->addError('Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.');

Color Schemes

Available Color Schemes

Color Scheme: DefaultScheme

Monolog Colored Line Formatter

Color Scheme: TrafficLight

Monolog Colored Line Formatter

Activating a Color Scheme

Color Schemes are defined as classes. If you do not provide any color scheme the default one will be used.

To activate a color scheme pass it as the first argument of the ColoredLineFormatter Constructor. All successive arguments are the ones as required by the \Monolog\Formatter\LineFormatter class.

use \Monolog\Logger;
use \Monolog\Handler\StreamHandler;
use \Bramus\Monolog\Formatter\ColoredLineFormatter;
use \Bramus\Monolog\Formatter\ColorSchemes\TrafficLight;

$log = new Logger('DEMO');
$handler = new StreamHandler('php://stdout', Logger::WARNING);
$handler->setFormatter(new ColoredLineFormatter(new TrafficLight()));

Alternatively it's also possible to activate it using the setColorScheme() method of a ColoredLineFormatter instance.

Creating your own Custom Color Scheme

To define your own color scheme make a class that implements the \Bramus\Monolog\Formatter\ColorSchemes\ColorSchemeInterface interface. To make things more easy a trait ColorSchemeTrait is defined.

namespace Bramus\Monolog\Formatter\ColorSchemes;

use Monolog\Logger;
use Bramus\Ansi\Ansi;
use Bramus\Ansi\ControlSequences\EscapeSequences\Enums\SGR;

class TrafficLight implements ColorSchemeInterface
     * Use the ColorSchemeTrait and alias its constructor
    use ColorSchemeTrait {
        ColorSchemeTrait::__construct as private __constructTrait;

     * [__construct description]
    public function __construct()
        // Call Trait Constructor, so that we have $this->ansi available

        // Our Color Scheme
            Logger::DEBUG => $this->ansi->color(SGR::COLOR_FG_WHITE)->get(),
            Logger::INFO => $this->ansi->color(SGR::COLOR_FG_GREEN)->get(),
            Logger::NOTICE => $this->ansi->color(SGR::COLOR_FG_CYAN)->get(),
            Logger::WARNING => $this->ansi->color(SGR::COLOR_FG_YELLOW)->get(),
            Logger::ERROR => $this->ansi->color(SGR::COLOR_FG_RED)->get(),
            Logger::CRITICAL => $this->ansi->color(SGR::COLOR_FG_RED)->underline()->get(),
            Logger::ALERT => $this->ansi->color(array(SGR::COLOR_FG_WHITE, SGR::COLOR_BG_RED_BRIGHT))->get(),
            Logger::EMERGENCY => $this->ansi->color(SGR::COLOR_BG_RED_BRIGHT)->blink()->color(SGR::COLOR_FG_WHITE)->get(),

Please refer to the bramus/ansi-php documentation to define your own styles and colors.

Unit Testing

bramus/monolog-colored-line-formatter ships with unit tests using PHPUnit.

  • If PHPUnit is installed globally run phpunit to run the tests.

  • If PHPUnit is not installed globally, install it locally through composer by running composer install --dev. Run the tests themselves by calling vendor/bin/phpunit.

Unit tests are also automatically run on GitHub Actions


bramus/monolog-colored-line-formatter is released under the MIT public license. See the enclosed LICENSE.txt for details.