Slim Framework Doctrine middleware

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Juliangut Slim Framework Doctrine handler middleware

Doctrine handler middleware for Slim Framework.

Slim3 version

Doctrine integration service for Slim3 can be found in its own repository juliangut/slim-doctrine


Best way to install is using Composer:

php composer.phar require juliangut/slim-doctrine-middleware

Then require_once the autoload file:

require_once './vendor/autoload.php';


Just add as any other middleware.

use Slim\Slim;
use Jgut\Slim\Middleware\DoctrineMiddleware;

$app = new Slim();


$app->add(new DoctrineMiddleware());


There are two ways to configure Doctrine Middleware

First by using doctrine key in Slim application configuration

// Minimun configuration
$config = [
    'doctrine' => [
        'connection' => [
            'driver' => 'pdo_sqlite',
            'memory' => true,
        'annotation_paths' => ['path_to_entities_files'],

$app = new Slim($config);
$app->add(new DoctrineMiddleware());

Second way is assigning options directly to Doctrine Middleware

$app = new Slim();

$doctrineMiddleware = new DoctrineMiddleware();
    ['driver' => 'pdo_sqlite', 'memory' => true]
$doctrineMiddleware->setOption('annotation_paths', ['path_to_entities_files']);

Available configurations

  • connection array of PDO configurations
  • cache_driver array with Doctrine cache configurations
    • type string representing cache type, apc, xcache, memcache, redis or array
    • host string representing caching daemon host, needed for memcache and redis, defaults to ''
    • port string representing caching daemon port, optionally available for memcache (defaults to 11211) and redis (defaults to 6379)
  • proxy_path path were Doctrine creates its proxy classes, defaults to /tmp
  • annotation_files array of Doctrine annotations files
  • annotation_namespaces array of Doctrine annotations namespaces
  • annotation_autoloaders array of Doctrine annotations autoloader callables
  • annotation_paths array of paths where to find annotated entity files
  • xml_paths array of paths where to find XML entity mapping files
  • yaml_paths array of paths where to find YAML entity mapping files
  • auto_generate_proxies bool indicating whether Doctrine should auto-generate missing proxies (default: true)


annotation_paths, xml_paths or yaml_paths is needed by Doctrine to include a Metadata Driver


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Release under BSD-3-Clause License.

See file LICENSE included with the source code for a copy of the license terms