Addon for EXT:filefill to provide static file replacements for common binary formats

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v0.6.1 2023-05-19 21:04 UTC

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TYPO3 EXT:filefill_payload

A TYPO3 EXT:filefill resource handler to supply working binary files.

While EXT:filefill overs a wonderful "static" option to replace files with content, for some scenarios a correct binary file is necessary. Especially testing file mime types and interpreting files might be necessary, not only in regression tests (which should run on a 1:1 system copy, but should be available on a shrunken system, too).

So this extensions supplies smallest possible binary files as an in-place replacement for those files, while still providing a real file (e.g. videos are playable, archives are extractable).

The file types also include legacy stuff like .flv or .rm as these are found in actual systems.

Images are excluded from this, as they would possibly break visual regression testing and EXT:filefill already provides the ResourceHandler

Example Configuration (if list of extensions is empty, the default value 7z,avi,ext,flv,mov,mp4,pdf,rar,rm,webm,zipis used):

$GLOBALS['TYPO3_CONF_VARS']['EXTCONF']['filefill']['storages'][1] = [
        'identifier' => 'staticbinaries',
        'configuration' => '7z,avi,ext,flv,mov,mp4,pdf,rar,rm,webm,zip'