This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. The author suggests using the monolog/monolog package instead.

Php library to create logs easily and store them in Json format.

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Php library to create logs easily and store them in Json format.


This library is supported by PHP versions 5.6 or higher and is compatible with HHVM versions 3.0 or higher.


The preferred way to install this extension is through Composer.

To install PHP Logger library, simply:

composer require Josantonius/Logger

The previous command will only install the necessary files, if you prefer to download the entire source code you can use:

composer require Josantonius/Logger --prefer-source

You can also clone the complete repository with Git:

$ git clone

Or install it manually:

Download Logger.php:


Download Json.php:



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Available Methods

Available methods in this library:

- Initiator for site debug management

new Logger($path, $filename, $logNumber, $ip, $states);
Atttribute Description Type Required Default
$path Path name to save file with logs. string No null
$filename JSON file name that will save the logs. string No null
$logNumber Maximum number of logs to save to file. int No 200
$ip If you want to get to another library. string No null
$states Different states for logs. array No null

# Return (void)

- Save log line

Logger::save($type, $code, $msg, $line, $file, $data);
Atttribute Description Type Required Default
$type Error type or warning. string Yes
$code HTTP response status code. int Yes
$message Message. string Yes
$line Line from which the save is executed. int Yes
$file Filepath from which the method is called. string Yes
$data Extra custom parameters. array No 0

# Return (boolean)

- Save logs to Json file


# Return (boolean)

- Get saved logs


# Return (array) → logs saved

- Define directory for scripts and get url from file

Atttribute Description Type Required Default
$url File url. string Yes

# Return (string) → file url

- Define directory for styles and get url from file

Atttribute Description Type Required Default
$url File url. string Yes

# Return (string) → file url

- Get number of logs added in the current section


# Return (int) → logs added in the current section

- Display logger section


# Return (boolean true)

- Reset parameters


# Return (boolean true)

Quick Start

To use this library with Composer:

require __DIR__ . '/vendor/autoload.php';

use Josantonius\Logger\Logger;

Or If you installed it manually, use it:

require_once __DIR__ . '/Logger.php';
require_once __DIR__ . '/Json.php';

use Josantonius\Logger\Logger;


Example of use for this library:

- Basic example

require __DIR__ . '/vendor/autoload.php';

use Josantonius\Logger\Logger;

new Logger();

Logger::save('SUCCESS',  100, 'msg', __LINE__, __FILE__);
Logger::save('JOIN',     200, 'msg', __LINE__, __FILE__);
Logger::save('INFO',     300, 'msg', __LINE__, __FILE__);
Logger::save('WARNING',  400, 'msg', __LINE__, __FILE__);
Logger::save('ERROR',    500, 'msg', __LINE__, __FILE__);
Logger::save('FATAL',    600, 'msg', __LINE__, __FILE__);
Logger::save('REQUEST',  700, 'msg', __LINE__, __FILE__);
Logger::save('RESPONSE', 800, 'msg', __LINE__, __FILE__);


- Advanced example

require __DIR__ . '/vendor/autoload.php';

use Josantonius\Logger\Logger;

$states  = [

  'global'    => true,
  'exception' => true,
  'error'     => false,
  'notice'    => false,
  'fatal'     => true,

new Logger('/logger/', 'logs', 600, '', $states);

Logger::save('EXCEPTION', 400, 'msg', __LINE__, __FILE__);
Logger::save('ERROR' ,    402, 'msg', __LINE__, __FILE__);
Logger::save('NOTICE',    100, 'msg', __LINE__, __FILE__);

$params = [

  'id-user'   => 68,
  'name-user' => 'Joe'
Logger::save('FATAL, 500, 'msg', __LINE__, __FILE__, $params);


echo 'Logs added: ' . Logger::added();

echo 'Logs added: ' . count(Logger::get);

printf('<link href="%s">', Logger::style(''));

printf('<script src="%s">', Logger::script(''));



To run tests you just need composer and to execute the following:

git clone

cd PHP-Logger

composer install

Run unit tests with PHPUnit:

composer phpunit

Run PSR2 code standard tests with PHPCS:

composer phpcs

Run PHP Mess Detector tests to detect inconsistencies in code style:

composer phpmd

Run all previous tests:

composer tests


If this project helps you to reduce your development time, you can sponsor me to support my open source work 😊


This repository is licensed under the MIT License.

Copyright © 2017-2022, Josantonius