This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. The author suggests using the phing/phing package instead.

Graphical representation of Phing's buildfile

v2.5.2 2021-03-31 20:51 UTC


Phing visualizer generates a graphical representation of your Phing's buildfile.

⚠️ Important: phing-visualizer has been ported to Phing as VisualizerTask.
You can use <visualizer/> task since Phing 3.0.0-alpha3.

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With phing-visualizer You can go from this:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<project name="My Phing's buildfile" default="test">

    <target name="test" depends="test:phpunit, test:composer">
        <phingcall target="test:notify"/>

    <target name="test:composer">
            <arg line="validate --strict --no-check-lock"/>

    <target name="test:phpunit">
        <exec executable="${phpunit}"/>
        <phingcall target="test:clean"/>

    <target name="test:notify">
        <notifysend msg="Everything is OK!"/>

    <target name="test:clean">
        <delete dir="${dir.output}" verbose="true"/>

    <target name="diagnostics">


To this:

Phing visualizer demo

Phing visualizer is able to represent:

  • Target's depends
  • RunTargetTask
  • PhingCallTask
  • ForeachTask


Create your diagram using the command line, some examples:

$ vendor/bin/phing-visualizer
$ vendor/bin/phing-visualizer -i build.xml -f svg
$ vendor/bin/phing-visualizer --input /my/location/build.xml --format svg
$ vendor/bin/phing-visualizer -i /my/location/build.xml -f png  -o /another/location/ 


Option Description Default value
-i or --input Phing's buildfile location build.xml
-o or --output Dir or file location Same as --input
-f or --format Diagram format (png, svg, eps or puml) png
-h or --help Help


$ composer require jawira/phing-visualizer


  • SimpleXML extension
  • XSL extension
  • allow_url_fopen = On; (on php.ini file)

More examples



Enom Pro!

Bitpay Magento2 plugin


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This project is under the GNU GPLv3 license.

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