Easily install and try ProcessMaker using Docker Compose

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Easily install and try ProcessMaker using Docker Compose.


You have to install the following tools:


  1. Install the project:

     $ composer create-project jawira/process-maker
     $ cd process-maker
  2. Start setup process with Phing. Please be patient.

     $ vendor/bin/phing setup
  3. Once finished, your browser should open at http://localhost:8080. Then you will see ProcessMaker's installer.

  4. Follow ProcessMaker install instructions.

Controlling Docker Compose

setup target should only be done once, after you can start and stop Docker containers (web server and database) using Phing:

  • To start Docker Compose:

      $ vendor/bin/phing dc:up
  • To stop Docker Compose:

      $ vendor/bin/phing dc:stop
  • To remove containers, networks and volumes:

      $ vendor/bin/phing dc:down
  • Open http://localhost:8080 in your browser:

      $ vendor/bin/phing open:localhost