Very simple wrapper for getopt() function

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Very simple wrapper for getopt() function.

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This is only a wrapper, therefore the output from mini-getopt is going to be the same as getopt() function.

  1. First you have to instantiate \Jawira\MiniGetopt\MiniGetopt.

  2. Then you have to configure options you want to use. To do so use the following methods:

    • MiniGetopt::addRequired.
    • MiniGetopt::addOptional.
    • MiniGetopt::addNoValue.
  3. To retrieve values you have to call one of the following method:

    • MiniGetopt::getopt returns the same as getopt(). Optionally you can pass $optind parameter.
    • MiniGetopt::getOption to get only one value.
    • MiniGetopt::doc get documentation.

Basic usage

PHP code:

// resources/example.php
// Preparing options
$mg = new \Jawira\MiniGetopt\MiniGetopt();
$mg->addRequired('f', 'format');    // value is required
$mg->addOptional('r', 'retry');     // value is optional
$mg->addOptional('q', '');          // only short option
$mg->addNoValue('v', 'verbose');    // no value
$mg->addNoValue('', 'version');     // only long option

// Calling getopt

Executing code:

$ php resources/example.php

array (
$ php resources/example.php -f=xml

array (
   'f' => 'xml',
$ php resources/example.php --format=xml -r -v

array (
  'format' => 'xml',
  'r' => false,
  'v' => false,
$ php resources/example.php -f=json -r=yes -v

array (
    'f' => 'json',
    'r' => 'yes',
    'v' => false,
$ php resources/example.php --retry -vvv

array (
  'retry' => false,
  'v' => 
  array (
    0 => false,
    1 => false,
    2 => false,
$ php resources/example.php --version=banana --invalid

array (
  'version' => false,

optind parameter

// Setup
$mg = new \Jawira\MiniGetopt\MiniGetopt();
$mg->addRequired('f', 'format');
$mg->addNoValue('v', 'verbose');

// Calling getopt function with `optind` parameter
$optind = null;
$options = $mg->getopt($optind);
echo "optind: $optind" . PHP_EOL;
$ php resources/example.php --format=pdf -vv
optind: 3

Generate doc

$mg = new \Jawira\MiniGetopt\MiniGetopt();
$mg->addRequired('f', 'format', 'Format to export', 'png|gif|svg');
$mg->addOptional('r', 'retry', 'Retry on error', 'count');
$mg->addOptional('q', '', 'Quiet mode', 'yes|no');
$mg->addNoValue('v', 'verbose', 'Display verbose messages');
$mg->addNoValue('', 'version', 'Show version');
echo $mg->doc();
$ php resource/example.php

-f, --format=<png|gif|svg>
Format to export

-r, --retry=[count]
Retry on error

Quiet mode

-v, --verbose
Display verbose messages

Show version

How to install

$ composer install jawira/mini-getopt


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This library is licensed under the MIT license.

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