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This Twig extension is port from jawira/case-converter.

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This library provides the following filters:

from_ to_
from_ada to_ada
from_camel to_camel
from_cobol to_cobol
from_dot to_dot
from_kebab to_kebab
from_lower to_lower
from_macro to_macro
from_pascal to_pascal
from_sentence to_sentence
from_snake to_snake
from_title to_title
from_train to_train
from_uppder to_upper

Use a to_* filter to automatically change the casing convention of a string:

{{ 'welcome-to-the-jungle'|to_camel }}

{# outputs 'welcomeToTheJungle' #}

Optionally, you can call a from_* filter to specify the casing convention of input string:

{{ 'user.first-name'|from_dot|to_upper }}

{# outputs 'USER FIRST-NAME' #}

How to install

Install with Composer:

$ composer require jawira/case-converter-twig

If you are not using Symfony Flex, you also have to register the extension:

# config/packages/case_converter_twig.yaml
    class: \Jawira\CaseConverterTwig\CaseConverterExtension
    tags: [ 'twig.extension' ]


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This library is licensed under the MIT license.

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