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An open-source Content-Management-System CMS as Symfony Bundle.

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An enterprise and high-speed open-source Content-Management-System (CMS) / Application Framework based on the Symfony framework with a full RESTful API, a user friendly administration interface and rapid application development (RAD) framework using Composer, Propel and other rock-solid libraries.

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This project is currently in development and has no releases yet.

If you want to support this project, co-maintain, or participate in another way feel free to contact me. I'd love to add more people to this organisation and bring it forward. I invested already several thousand of hours in this project and can probably not bring it alone to an end. Help to make the CMS world a better place. :)


This describes the customized installation, usually used by developers.

Read the development installation documentation.

Read the Create A Theme documentation, to create layouts for your website.


This is how a theme extension looks like: https://github.com/jarves/jarves-demotheme

This is how a more details news extension looks like: https://github.com/jarves/jarves-publication


  1. PHP 5.6+
  2. Symfony 3
  3. *nix OS (Linux, BSD, OSX)
  4. PHP extensions: PDO, mbstring, gd, zip
  5. MySQL, PostgreSQL or SQLite


  • Based on Symfony
  • Based on Propel ORM (Propel supports MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, MSSQL, and Oracle), http://www.propelorm.org
  • Advanced, fast and fresh administration interface
  • The administration API is completely abstracted through a REST API
  • File abstraction layer (for mounts with external storages [s3, ftp, dropbox, etc]), CDN
  • i18n using getText (with all of its features [e.g. including plural support, contexts]) compatible .po files
  • High-Performance through several cache layers
  • Session storage through several layers (distributed sessions supported)
  • Easy to extend through a fancy extension editor, completely modulized - the symfony way
  • CRUD window generator, without writing one line of code
  • Extremely detailed permission system
  • Ships with a solid bunch of UI input widgets (input fields)
  • Several flexible authentication layers (e.g. changeable for administration, changeable per domain)
  • Secure password storage using up-to-date encryptions
  • Feature-rich inline editing (TinyMCE, Markdown, Drag'n'Drop', etc)
  • Awesome file manager


Administration Login

Frontend inline editing

Administration Frontend Edit Administration Frontend Edit 2

File manager

  1. Drag'n'Drop inside the app, from your desktop to Jarves and vice-versa.
  2. OSX like preview
  3. File editing (rename, delete)
  4. Image editing (crop/resize)
  5. File Abstraction Layer (for AWS S3 inside Jarves for example)
  6. Async file uploaded

Administration File manager Administration File manager Images Administration File manager Crop Administration File manager Editor

CRUD Framework

Administration CRUD List Administration CRUD Form Administration CRUD Objects

Permission System

Very detailed permission system.

Permission System Entry Points Permission System Objects

More Screenshots

More information: http://jarves.io