Powerful PHP class using GD library to work easily with images including layer notion (like Photoshop or GIMP)

2.0.9 2015-07-05 09:09 UTC


ImageWorkshop class


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Summary and features

Really flexible and easy-to-use PHP class to work with images using the GD Library

Latest updates

Version 2.0.9 - 2015-07-05

  • Fix ImageWorkshop::initFromPath with remote URL

Version 2.0.8 - 2015-06-01

  • Fix exception code when file not found

Version 2.0.7 - 2015-03-22

  • Allow ImageWorkshop::initFromPath factory working with remote URL
  • Improve PHP >= 5.5 compatibility
  • Add fixOrientation method to layer to change image orientation based on EXIF orientation data
  • Fix background color when value is setting to "000000"

Version 2.0.6 - 2014-08-01

@jasny ( contribution, new methods :

  • ImageWorkshopLayer::resizeToFit() resizes an image to fit a bounding box.
  • ImageWorkshopLayer::cropToAspectRatio() crops either to width or height of the document to match the aspect ratio.

Documentation here :

Version 2.0.5 - 2013-11-12

    $interlace = true; // set true to enable interlace, false by default
    $layer->save($dirPath, $filename, $createFolders, $backgroundColor, $imageQuality, $interlace);

Thanks @dripolles ( & @johnhunt (

Version 2.0.4 - 2013-09-11

  • Fix a major bug when resizing both sides AND conserving proportion : layer stack problem (current layer has a new nested level in its stack, not expected), and translations with positionX and positionY are wrong. Fixed. (Initial problem :
  • Add a parameter to clearStack() method

Version 2.0.2 - 2013-06-14

  • Fix a new bug : when resizing or cropping, small images can have 0 pixel of width or height (because of round), which is impossible and script crashes. Now width and height are 1 pixel minimum.


$layer->resizeInPixel(null, 0 /* or negative number */, null);

It will generate a 1 pixel height image, not 0.

Version 2.0.1 - 2013-06-03

  • Fix an opacity bug : pure black color (#000000) always displayed fully transparent (from 0 to 99% opacity). Bug fixed ! (no known bug anymore)
  • Add some Exceptions to help debugging

Version 2.0.0 - 2012-11-21

New version of ImageWorkshop ! The library is now divided in 3 main classes for cleaned code:

  • ImageWorkshopLayer: the class which represents a layer, that you manipulate
  • ImageWorkshop: a factory that is used to generate layers
  • ImageWorkshopLib: a class containing some tools (for calculations, etc...), used by both classes

Technically, only the initialization change compared with the 1.3.x versions, check the documentation:

Here an example, before and now:

    // before
    $layer = new ImageWorkshop(array(
        'imageFromPath' => '/path/to/images/picture.jpg',
    // now
    $layer = ImageWorkshop::initFromPath('/path/to/images/picture.jpg');

And also the installation of the class:

The documentation has been updated, you can now check the documentation of each version since 1.3.3: (Ex:,


The class is designed for PHP 5.3+, but it can work with older PHP versions... Check how to install the class here:


What's new in the doc' ?


  • Adding a method to add easily borders to a layer (external, inside and middle border)
  • Check given hexa' color and remove # if exists.