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You can install this package with Composer.

Require the package via Composer:

$ composer require intervention/zodiac

The calculator class is built to work with the Laravel Framework. The integration is done in seconds.

Open your Laravel config file config/app.php and add service provider in the $providers array:

'providers' => [

Add the facade of this package to the $aliases array.

'aliases' => [
    'Zodiac' => Intervention\Zodiac\Facades\Zodiac::class


Code Example

Zodiac Calculator Class

You can use the Calculator class to create zodiac objects from any type of date.

use Intervention\Zodiac\Calculator as ZodiacCalculator;

// get zodiac from a date
$zodiac = (string) ZodiacCalculator::make('1980-09-15'); // virgo

// make method takes mixed formats
$zodiac = (string) ZodiacCalculator::make('first day of June 2008'); // gemini

// even DateTime objects
$zodiac = (string) ZodiacCalculator::make(new DateTime('1977-03-15')); // pisces

// get zodiac from a Carbon
$zodiac = (string) ZodiacCalculator::make(now());

Zodiac Class

The Zodiac Calculator class always returns zodiac objects, which come with the following handy methods.

use Intervention\Zodiac\Calculator as ZodiacCalculator;
use Intervention\Zodiac\Zodiacs\Virgo;

// make zodiac from a date
$zodiac = ZodiacCalculator::make('1980-09-15');

echo $zodiac->name(); // virgo

echo $zodiac->html(); // ♍

echo $zodiac->localized(); // Jungfrau

if ($zodiac instanceof Virgo) {
    # my zodiac sign is virgo ...

Eloquent Model Trait

By including Intervention\Zodiac\EloquentZodiacTrait your Eloquent Model gets a new zodiac attribute, which is created based on the birthday attribute of the current model and returns a zodiac object.

class User extends Model
    // include trait
    use \Intervention\Zodiac\EloquentZodiacTrait;
    // Optional: If you want overwrite attribute. By default `birthday`
    protected $zodiacAttribute = 'custom-attribute';

// retrieve zodiac attribute
$user = App\User::create(['birthday' => '1980-03-15']);
$zodiac = $user->zodiac; // Intervention\Zodiac\Zodiacs\Pisces


Intervention Zodiac is licensed under the MIT License.

Copyright 2016 Oliver Vogel