HTTP authentication (Basic & Digest) including ServiceProviders for easy Laravel integration

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Library to manage HTTP authentication with PHP. Includes ServiceProviders for easy Laravel integration.

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You can install this package quick and easy with Composer.

Require the package via Composer:

$ composer require intervention/httpauth

Laravel integration (optional)

The HttpAuth library is built to work with the Laravel Framework (>=5.5). It comes with a service provider and facades, which will be discovered automatically after installation.


To create HTTP authentication instances you can choose between different methods.

Static instantiation by array

use Intervention\HttpAuth\HttpAuth;

// create basic auth by array
$auth = HttpAuth::make([
    'type' => 'basic',
    'realm' => 'Secure Resource',
    'username' => 'admin',
    'password' => 'secret',

Instantiation by calls

use Intervention\HttpAuth\HttpAuth;

// create digest auth
$auth = HttpAuth::make();

Ask user for credentials

After you created a HTTP authentication instance, you have to call secure() to ask for credentials.


Server Configuration


If you are using Apache and running php with fast-cgi, check setting headers:


Intervention HttpAuth Class is licensed under the MIT License.