Adds the Google Tag Manager container snippet to your site and populates the Google Tag Manager Data Layer.

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Inpsyde Google Tag Manager inserts the GTM Container Code on every page of your WordPress site and writes data to the Data Layer.

Inpsyde Google Tag Manager


Documentation can be found in readme.txt.


  • WordPress >= 4.6.
  • PHP 8.0 or higher.

How to start development

This plugin does not include build assets and PHP-dependencies. Therefore, after loading that repository via Composer or git checkout you have to install them.

With Yarn:

yarn install && yarn build:dev

For more information, please refer to the Symfony Encore docs

Testing & Quality

To run all tests you've to install composer dev-dependencies first.





This repository automatically generates a CodeCoverage-report into the tmp/-folder, which will not be committed.


To run Behat locally you need a running Selenium-Server. This package provides the vvo/selenium-standalone as devDependency via NPM. You can simple run npm install and start the selenium-task to have a running Selenium-Server.

For local testing you can use a behat.local.yml by copying the existing behat.yml. To run Behat locally you've to change the Behat\MinkExtension.base_url and PaulGibbs\WordpressBehatExtension.path to match your local setup.

vendor/bin/behat --config behat.local.yml

Note: Behat is testing WordPress currently as default installation with language "english".


Copyright (c) 2017 Inpsyde GmbH.