A collection of useful form types and extensions for Symfony

3.3.2 2024-04-03 00:55 UTC


A collection of useful form types and extensions for Symfony.

See the form demo project for working examples.


Installation instructions can be found here.


The PolyCollection form type allows you to create a collection type on a property where the relationship is to a polymorphic object structure like Doctrine2's Single or Multi table inheritance.

For example, if you had an Invoice entity that had a relationship to an entity that was using Doctrine inheritance InvoiceLine and you wanted to define multiple InvoiceLine types depending on what you wanted to invoice like InvoiceProductLine, InvoiceShippingLine and InvoiceDiscountLine you could use this form type to achieve a form collection that would support all 4 types of InvoiceLine inside the same collection.

For more information see the PolyCollection Documentation.

Collection Helper

InfiniteFormBundle supplies some helper javascript for working with form collections. It supports both the standard Symfony2 collection type and the PolyCollection type supplied by this bundle.

For more information see the Collection Helper Documentation.


The CheckboxGrid form type allows editing many-to-many relationships with a grid of checkboxes. It has handy shortcuts for Doctrine entities but can also be used with arrays of regular objects.

For example, a company might sell multiple products, and operate in different areas. Any of its salesmen could sell any combination of products in areas. The salesman form needs a table of checkboxes where the rows are products and the columns are areas (or vice versa!)

For more information see the CheckboxGrid Documentation.


EntitySearchType is an alternative to Symfony's built-in EntityType. Instead of loading all entities into a drop-down list, it renders a single text field that loads autocomplete suggestions through an AJAX callback.

AJAX callback not included.

For more information see the EntitySearch Documentation.


AttachmentType is an alternative to Symfony's built-in FileType.

For more information see the Attachment Documentation.

Twig Helper

InfiniteFormBundle comes with a Twig extension that adds form specific helpers for use when rendering templates.

For more information see the Twig Helper.