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Easily convert array to object and object to array

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Easily convert array to object and object to array.


Via Composer

$ composer require indigophp/hydra


Currently supported hydrators

Hydrators can be found under Indigo\Hydra\Hydrator namespace.

  • Generated: Inspired by GeneratedHydrator. Contains some custom logic, but generation logic is heavily based on the original code
  • GeneratedHydrator: Uses GeneratedHydrator created by @Ocramius
  • HydratableAware: It is a decorator which checks if the object implements Indigo\Hydra\Hydratable interface and falls back to the hydrator if not
  • ObjectProperty: Maps data to, reads from public properties
  • Reflection: Uses reflection to access all object properties (non-static ones)
  • Zend: Allows to use hydrators from zendframework/zend-stdlib package


$ phpspec run


Please see CONTRIBUTING for details.


This library is heavily influenced by Zend Stdlib, Doctrine Hydration and GeneratedHydrator package created by @Ocramius.


The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.