A package to keep a history of all password changes of users

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Keep a password history of your users to prevent them from reusing the same password, for security reasons like what google does.

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composer require imanghafoori/laravel-password-history

To publish the config file and migrate the database:

php artisan vendor:publish
php artisan migrate

Visit the config/password_history.php file to see all the possibilities.


This package will observe the saved event of the models (which are mentioned in the config file) and records the password hashes automatically.

// When inserting, it will also log the password hash in the "password_histories" table

// Sample for changing the password
$user = User::find($id);
$passHash = Hash::make(request('new_password'));

$user->password = $passHash;
$user->save(); // after saving the model, the password change  will be recorded, automatically

We suggest to use saveOrFail to do all the queries in a transaction


Be careful that changing the model like below does not fire any model event hence to password change would be recorded behind the scenes.

// Here we do NOT get the model from db and only send  an update query
// So laravel does NOT fire model events
User::where('id', $id)->update($data);

Validation Rules

And there is a validation rule for you to check the entire password history agaist the new password in laravel validation rules.

use Imanghafoori\PasswordHistory\Rules\NotBeInPasswordHistory;

$rules = [
    // ... 
    'password' => [
    // ... 


Again you may want to take a quick look at the source code to see what is going on there.


  • I have a users table and an admins table (User model and Admin model), can I also track password changes for admins?
Yeah, the package supports it, visit the config file.

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