Adds some features on the top of laravel facades

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composer require imanghafoori/laravel-smart-facades

This package tries to add some features on the top of the current laravel's facade feature so you can get more advantages out of them.

Automatic method injection when calling a method through a facade.

This adds ability to enjoy automatic method injection when calling methods on POPOs (Plain Old Php Objects) WITHOUT any performance hit when you do not need it.

In fact, it only comes into play if there is any TypeError thrown from a Facade call, trying to handle it gracefully by providing injected dependencies right within the method input, and retry the method call once again. (in the catch block) And would be happy to know if something is missing...

Example :

class Foo { ... }

class Bar {
    public function m1 (Foo $foo, LoggerInterface $logger, string $msg) {

Calling Bar through a Facade :

Before :

MyFacade::m1(resolve(Foo::class), resolve(LoggerInterface::class), 'hey there !'); 

After :

 // This will work and $foo, $logger would be auto-injected for us.

MyFacade::m1('hey there !');          // normal facade

// or you may want to provide some dependecies your self :
\Facades\Bar::m1(new Foo('hey man!'), 'hey there !');   //Now only the Logger is injected

and as always, we may define the facade class like this:

use Imanghafoori\SmartFacades\Facade;

MyFacade extends Facade {
    protected static function getFacadeAccessor () {
        return Bar::class;