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IbrowsBoxalinoBundle - Boxalino Search

The IbrowsBoxalinoBundle allows you to export your entities and chosen entity fields to boxalino, offers a service for search and autocomplete functions offered by boxalino, and a twig extension of the Javascrpt tracking.

Install and setup the bundle

  1. Fetch the source code

    $ php composer.phar require ibrows/boxalino-bundle 

    Composer will install the bundle to your project's ibrows/boxalino-bundle directory.

  2. Add the bundle to your AppKernel class

    // app/AppKernerl.php
    public function registerBundles()
        $bundles = array(
            // ...
            new Ibrows\BoxalinoBundle\IbrowsBoxalinoBundle(),
            // ...
        // ...


Setup credentials, paths and entities

        db_driver: "orm" #Default value
        #used to extract translatable data from an entity
        translation_locales: [en] #Default value
        #boxalino credentials
            account: "account"
            username: "username"
            password: "somepassword"
        #Export directories and export logger            
            directory: "%kernel.cache_dir%/boxalino/" #Default value, Where to store the export zip and csv files
            properties_xml: "%kernel.root_dir%/config/properties.xml" #Which properties.xml file to use
            log_manager: "ibrows_boxalino.entity.export_log_manager" #Default value, implement you own to log to another system
        #Entity setup
                class: "AppBundle\\Entity\\Product" 
                entity_mapper: "ibrows_boxalino.mapper_orm.entity_mapper" #Default value, implement you own to log to create entity maps
                entity_provider: "ibrows_boxalino.provider_orm.entity_provider" #Default value, implement you own to retrieve entities
                delta_provider: "ibrows_boxalino.provider_orm.delta_provider" #Default value, implement you own to provide updated entities
                #configuration for retrieving delta data
                    strategy: fromFullData #Default value, possible values are 'fromFullData', 'timestambleFieldQuery','repositoryMethod'
                    strategy_options: #If strategy is timestambleFieldQuery, or repositoryMethod, one of the following must be supplied
                        timestampable_query_field: updated_at #Field to use if timestableFieldQuery is strategy
                        repository_method: getDeltaEntities #The name of the method on the Entity Repository class to retrieve delta entities, must take a \DateTime object as a parameter
                #List of fields to export, generally the accessor on the entity. Field name in CSV, and then accessor
                    id: id
                    name: name
                    description: description
                    brand: brand
                    my_array_field: "[my_array_field]" can also be in array syntax if data is array not an objetct
                class: "AppBundle\\Entity\\Brand"
                    id: id
                    name: name
                class: "AppBundle\\Entity\\ProductCategory"
                    id: id
                    parent: parent
                    name: name

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