Flexible Settings module for Zend Framework 2 applications

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HtSettingsModule is a module for adding settings support to your Zend Framework 2 application. This module does not provide any GUI for settings. It just provides a way for easy persistence of application settings.

Getting started guide

Storing settings
// From ServiceManager
$this->getServiceLocator()->get('HtSettingsManager')->save($settingsEntity, 'settings_namespace');

// From Controller
$this->settings()->save($settingsEntity, 'settings_namespace');
Retrieving settings
// From Controller
$settingsEntity = $this->settings('settings_namespace');

// From view templates
$settingsEntity = $this->settings('settings_namespace');

// From ServiceLocatorAware classes
$settingsEntity = $this->getServiceLocator()->get('HtSettingsManager')->getSettings('settings_namespace');


  • Add "hrevert/ht-settings-module": "0.1.*" to composer.json and run php composer.phar update
  • Register HtSettingsModule as module in config/application.config.php
  • Copy the file located in vendor/hrevert/ht-settings-module/config/ to config/autoload and change the values as you wish
  • Read this for setting up a storage adapter


The official documentation of HtSettingsModule is available in the /docs folder. Please read the quickstart guide to quickly get your hands dirty with this module.


HtSettingsModule is inspired by SyliusSettingsBundle.