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A set of genetic (abstract) classes which are commonly used across multiple modules.

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Version 0.0.1 Created by Evan Coury and the ZF-Commons team

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ZfcBase provides a suite of common classes used across several ZF2 modules. You probably don't need to install this module unless either A) you are installing a module that depends on ZfcBase, or B) you are building a module that depends on ZfcBase.


  • Zend Framework 2


Simply clone this project into your ./vendor/ directory and enable it in your ./config/application.config.php file.

Provided Classes

  • ZfcBase\Mapper\AbstractDbMapper - An abstract mapper for Zend\Db that makes using hydrators and custom entities very simple.
  • ZfcBase\Form\ProvidesEventsForm - Extends Zend\Form and provides the functionality of ZfcBase\EventManager\EventProvider (basically it's a crutch since we can't use traits yet).
  • ZfcBase\EventManager\EventProvider - Abstract class that gives extending classes an event manager and related methods.