HiSite Project Template

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HiSite Project Template

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HiSite is a base project for building modular Yii2 web applications from plugins.

This package is a template to start your HiSite project with.

It includes:

Live Demo


Preferred way to install this project is through composer:

composer create-project --stability=dev "hiqdev/hisite-template:*" dir

To finish project installation run:

./vendor/bin/hidev deploy

You will see:

Created dir:  ./public/
Created dir:  ./public/assets/
chmod ./public/assets '0777'
chmod ./runtime '0777'

And that's it — the project is ready to be served with web server. But hidev can do a bit more for you.

Also see more on recommended Directory structure of this template.

Generate and install NGINX vhost config

Copy .env.dist to .env and tune it to set project wide options:

  • ENV - environment env/prod, will be used to setup YII_ENV constant
  • SSL - enable SSL, used for NGINX config
  • HOSTS - hostname(s), used for NGINX config

To see generated NGINX config without actually installing it use the following command:

./vendor/bin/hidev nginx/dump

To install config and restart NGINX run:

./vendor/bin/hidev nginx/deploy


This project is released under the terms of the BSD-3-Clause license. Read more here.

Copyright © 2016-2017, HiQDev (http://hiqdev.com/)