This bundle add twig template support to contao

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Last update: 2020-11-23 11:41:16 UTC


A bundle to enable twig templates support in contao. Templates are handled like .html5 templates in contao, e.g. you can select them in your custom templates select in the backend and they will be outputted in the frontend.


  • enable twig support in contao
    • use twig to write contao templates
    • select twig templates in your module/element custom template selection or override default templates in twig
    • support for all types of templates including widgets
  • use this bundle as library to work with twig templates in your own bundles with extensive template loader
  • uses caching for fast performance (is disabled in dev mode)
  • minimal dependencies ;)



Install via contao manager or composer:

composer require heimrichhannot/contao-twig-support-bundle

Your first template

  1. If you want to use this bundle to enable contao to support twig templates, you need to enable the template loader. You just need to add following configuration entries to your config.yml:

    # config/config.yml (Contao 4.9) or app/Resources/config/config.yml (Contao 4.4)
        enable_template_loader: true
  2. Now you can just create a twig template like ce_text_custom.html.twig and add it to your projekt template folder (in contao 4.4: app/Resources/views) and you can select the template as custom Template in the text content element. You can override every core template that is parsed by parseTemplate and parseWidget hook. You can also add templates from bundles.

Twig and contao cavets

User input is encoded by contao, so you need to add the raw filter to variables if you need to output html.

Use project templates folder for twig templates in contao 4.4

If you want to use the project templates folder also in contao 4.4, just add following lines to your config.yml:

# app/Ressouces/config/config.yml
    '%kernel.project_dir%/templates': ~



Event Description
BeforeParseTwigTemplateEvent Dispatched after twig templates was found.
BeforeRenderTwigTemplate Dispatched before twig templates is rendered.

Use twig in your bundle

This bundle is a great base if you want to use twig in your own bundles. Use the HeimrichHannot\TwigSupportBundle\Filesystem\TwigTemplateLocator service to load your templates, where you need them while keeping the contao template hierarchy.

Configuration reference


    # Enable twig templates to be loaded by contao (enabled overriding core templates and select twig templates in the contao backend).
    enable_template_loader: false


  • thanks to m-vo and his Twig Bundle which implementation was in inspiration and inital basis for this bundle.