A collection of enhancements for the contao calendar module.

2.5.1 2023-02-28 14:34 UTC


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This extension is not activly maintained anymore. Try Events Bundle instead.

A collection of enhancements for the contao calendar module.


  • subevents (add subevents to an event)
  • docents entity (calendar sub-table)
  • promoters entity (calendar sub-table)
  • eventtypes entity (calendar sub-table)
  • additional event fields like locationAdditional,street,postal,city,coordinates,addMap,website,docents,promoters, eventtype and many more
  • Module EventListPlus (with additional group by month)
  • Module EventReaderPlus (possibility to show details in modal window, with next/prev event navigation and browser history support)
  • Module Eventfilter (filter list by date, promoter, docents, eventtype and keyword (make usage of contao-search) many more)
  • Module Eventchooser (Dropdown, Event Selector)


Name Arguments Expected return value Description
addEventDetailsToTemplate $objTemplate, $arrEvent, $objModule void manipulate the template data to enable modal use
loadDCEventFilterForm array $arrDca void Adjust filter dca