Contains functionality for handling form submissions in the contao frontend.

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Contains functionality for handling form submissions in the contao frontend.

Usage is simple: Include the default palette (FORMHYBRID_PALETTE_DEFAULT) in config.php into your module's tl_module file and remove the fields you don't need for your module.

-> Click here for a diagram visualizing the interaction between the modules formhybrid, formhybrid_list, frontendedit and submissions.


  • form validation
  • transforming of special field's values depending on their dca properties (e.g. date)
  • ajax handling
  • store submissions using submissions module if necessary
  • optIn entity activation and notification handling
  • optOut entity handling



With composer and Contao 4 Managed Edition:

composer require heimrichhannot/contao-formhybrid ~2.8

Palette handling

  • permanentFields must be declared within editableFields in order to get right field position
  • a field declared in editableFields whose selector isnt active or is not part of editable fields itself is removed from the final field set
  • fields from active selectors that are not within editableFields are removed from final fields


  • {{form::FIELDNAME}} returns the formatted value from the field (select value instead of key)
  • {{form_value::FIELDNAME}} returns the value of the field
  • {{form_submission::FIELDNAME}} returns "field-label : formated field value"
  • {{if}}
  • {{elseif}}
  • {{else}}
  • {{endif}}


Notification center tokens

Formhybrid is notification center ready. It is possible to send 2 E-Mails on Form Submission to the sender (confirmation notification) and one to receiver (submission notification). The following tokens are provided for usage:

Tag Example Description
##formsubmission_all## Firstname: Max\ Contains the complete submission (contains also hidden form values like tstamp) formated as label and value.
Lastname: Mustermann\
Zeitstempel: 1458030977
##formsubmission## Firstname: Max\ Contains the complete submission (without hidden fields) formatted as label and value.
Lastname: Mustermann
##form_submission_*## ##form_submission_country## -> Country: Germany Contains the submission of a single field formatted as label and value (value takes options into consideration and return its corresponding value).
##form_value_*## ##form_value_country## -> de Contains submitted value of a field (no value is transformed by its reference).
##form_plain_*## Input:

Pellentesque habitant morbi tristique senectus et netus et malesuada fames ac turpis egestas.

Strips html entities from the submitted value (helpful for plain text e-mails and tinymce textareas)
Output: -> ##form_value_text## -> Pellentesque habitant morbi tristique senectus et netus et malesuada fames ac turpis egestas.
##form_*## ##form_county## -> Germany Contains the formatted value of the submission (value takes options into consideration and return its corresponding value).
##opt_in_token## ##opt_in_token## -> [TOKEN] / Generates only the opt-in the token.
##opt_in_link## ##opt_in_link## -> http://mywebsite.com/linkto-form?token=[TOKEN] Generates the opt-in activation link.

Config Callbacks

Type Description
onload_callback Add a 3rd parameter with boolean true to your onload_callbacks to run through them in frontend mode.

Additional eval dca config parameters

Key Default Example Description
allowedTags null

Allow specific html tags inside input that will not be escaped (allowHtml must be true). allowHtml will be true by default if preserveTags, rte is set true within eval config.

Frontend Form

We recommend to use Contao Frontendedit. If you can't or need more advanced options:

  • Create a module and add all palette fields you want (see config.php FORMHYBRID_PALETTE_DEFAULT and tl_module.php)
  • add following code to your module::compile() method to render the form
use HeimrichHannot\FormHybrid\Form;

    $objForm = new Form($this);
    $this->Template->form = $objForm->generate();

More advanced configurations can be archived by extending the Form class and overwrite methods. Following methods are availiable to overwrite (no complete list, see Form and DC_Hybrid classes):

Method Description
abstract void compile() Called before rendering the form. Must be implementet.
void onSubmitCallback(\DataContainer $dc) Called after submitting the form, before writing to the database and sending confirmations).
void onUpdateCallback($objItem, \DataContainer $objDc, $blnJustCreated, $arrOriginalRow = null) Called after submit, if data record already exist.
void afterSubmitCallback(\DataContainer $dc) Called after submitting the form and after saving enitity and sending confirmations.
void afterActivationCallback(\DataContainer $dc) Called after successful opt in.
void afterUnsubscribeCallback(\DataContainer $dc) Called after successful opt out.
bool sendOptInNotification(\NotificationCenter\Model\Message $objMessage, $arrSubmissionData, $arrToken) Default: true
bool sendSubmissionNotification(\NotificationCenter\Model\Message $objMessage, &$arrSubmissionData, &$arrToken) Default: true
bool sendSubmissionEmail($objEmail, &$arrRecipient, &$arrSubmissionData) Default: true
void onSendSubmissionEmailCallback($objEmail, $arrRecipient, $arrSubmissionData) Called in sendSubmissionEmail()
bool sendConfirmationNotification(\NotificationCenter\Model\Message $objMessage, &$arrSubmissionData, &$arrToken) Default: true
bool sendConfirmationEmail($objEmail, &$arrRecipient, &$arrSubmissionData) Default: true


Name Parameter Description
formhybridBeforeCreateNotifications array &$submissionData, Form $currentForm Do custom logic before sending notification. You can manipulate the submission data or send custom notifications.
formhybridOnCreateInstance Form $form, $varConfig = null, $id = 0 Is called in the form constructor and allows to change configs or do actions on every form init.
formhybridBeforeCreateWidget FormhybridBeforeCreateWidgetEvent $event Is called before widget class constructor is called. You can change widget config and widget class in the event class.
formhybridBeforeRenderForm FormhybridBeforeRenderFormEvent $event Is called before the form template is rendered and can be used to modify data or work with the data before rendering.
formhybridModifyAsyncFormSubmitResponse FormhybridModifyAsyncFormSubmitResponseEvent $event Modify the response data before returning the form ajax response.

JavaScript Events

Event Descripiton
formhybrid_ajax_complete Dispatched after successful async form submit
formhybridToggleSubpaletteComplete Dispatched after subpalette toggled

Opt in handling

FormHybrid comes with build in opt-in handling. Following steps are required to use it:

  • add formHybridAddOptIn to your modules palette
  • add \HeimrichHannot\FormHybrid\FormHybrid::addOptInFieldToTable([TABLE_NAME]) at the end of your entity dca file and update your database
  • create an opt in notification in notification center and provide ##opt_in_link## inside text or html

Opt out handling

FormHybrid comes with build in opt-out handling. After calling the opt-out link the entity will be deleted. Following steps are required to use it:

  • add formHybridAddOptOut to your modules palette and activate it in module configuration
  • add \HeimrichHannot\FormHybrid\FormHybrid::addOptOutFieldToTable([TABLE_NAME]) at the end of your entity dca file and update your database
  • call HeimrichHannot\FormHybrid\TokenGenerator in your notification generation code with the opt-out-token from the database, to generate the opt-out-email-token and -url.
  • add opt_out_token and opt_out_link to your notification center tokens and call them in your messages

Attention: If you enhance already existing data with opt-out-handling, tokens are not automatically generated for existing entries and unsubscription is not possible for existing entries! You need to check if the entry already has an token in your code, before generating opt-out link! Example:

if ($module->formHybridAddOptOut && !$recipientsModel->optOutToken)
    $recipientsModel->optOutToken = Form::generateUniqueToken();

Dublicate entity flag

Set Form::isDuplicateEntityError to true, to stop before saving and throw error message.


Add custom submit label

Add your label to $GLOBALS['TL_LANG']['MSC']['formhybrid']['submitLabels'].