A collection of enhancements for contao members.

2.4.0 2024-04-25 14:59 UTC


This bundle is abandoned and not actively maintained anymore. Please use https://github.com/heimrichhannot/contao-member-bundle.

Member Plus

A collection of enhancements for contao members.


  • additional fields (headline, alias, academicTitle, position, addressText, image)
  • tl_content support for members, to add additional member content
  • memberlist content element, with jumpTo Detail Page (show member reader module on custom page, article_reader - show reader on article only!, article or external page)
  • memberreader module

Login after Activation

  • added reg_activate_login checkbox for Registration Module, that enables automatic login after account activation

Registration & Login with one Module (requires heimrichhannot/contao-formhybrid)

  • domain whitelist
  • optionally: show allowed domains in login form, or hide them but still check against them
  • optionally: hide allowed domains list in frontend, but still check against them
  • optionally: permanent redirect to jumpTo page after user was logged

Better Activation (requires heimrichhannot/contao-formhybrid)

  • Registration will leave used activation keys in database and add a "ACTIVATED:" prefix before
  • Tell the user if his token has already been used
  • Tell user if token is invalid
  • You can now overwrite "accountActivatedMessage" in "activateAccount" Hook
  • Always redirect after activation or activation error to current page without token parameter in url (or reg_jumpTo page), and than display messages



modifyDCRegistrationPlusForm (requires heimrichhannot/contao-formhybrid)

Modify the formhybrid Datacontainer array.

// config.php
$GLOBALS['TL_HOOKS']['modifyDCRegistrationPlusForm'][] = array('MyClass', 'modifyDCRegistrationPlusFormHook');

// MyClass.php

public function modifyDCRegistrationPlusFormHook(&$arrDca, \Model $objModule)
	// manipulate the datacontainer and add fields, change labels and more
	$arrDca['fields']['firstname']['eval']['placeholder'] = &$GLOBALS['TL_LANG']['tl_member']['myCustomFirstnamePlaceholder'];