Extend the contao core search, to achieve more features like pdf search.

1.2.0 2020-10-19 12:27 UTC


Notice: This bundle is not activly maintained anymore! Please refere to out Search Bundle for contao 4 and new features!

Extend the contao core search, to achieve more features like pdf search.


  • pdf search
  • filter pages for search frontend module
  • Support Access-Control-Allow-Origin within be_rebuild_index.html5


Don't worry, install via composer and all dependencies will be resolved like magic.

PDF Search

  • index pdf files that are referenced inside searched pages and must be locally (contao filesystem) stored
  • parse pdf files with smalot/pdfparser
  • make usage of meta information from tl_files to provide better file titles (consider language too)
  • group the results in the result list
  • select the search order (show pages first, show files first or by relenvance)



Add following line to your composer.json required section:

"heimrichhannot/contao-search_plus" : "^1.0"

You can also add the package via commandline:

composer require heimrichhannot/contao-search_plus


You need to add two templates: mod_search_simple and mod_search_advanced. In your mod_search template you need to add <?php echo $this->form ?> to output the correct search form template. No needed anymore for contao 4.x from version 1.2.


You can disable PDF search on the Contao setting page. If enabled, an option to set the maximum pdf size to parse, is given.


The contao 4.x compatibility changes were sponsored by fanthomas communications.