Happyr public API client library.

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1.2.3 2015-04-09 10:09 UTC


This PHP library is a client to the API at api.happyr.com.


Install it with Composer!

// composer.json
    // ...
    require: {
        // ...
        "happyr/api-php-client": "dev-master",

Then, you can install the new dependencies by running Composer's update command from the directory where your composer.json file is located:

$ php composer.phar update


There is a few mandatory configuration parameters. They are 'identifier' and 'secret'. You will get them both from the Happyr-API website. You may add those in the Configuration.php or set them in runtime.

You find a the full configuration reference here.


use Happyr\ApiClient\HappyrApi;
use Happyr\ApiClient\Configuration;

class myClass
    // ---

    public function myFunc()
        $config=new Configuration('myApiIdentifier','myApiSecret');

        $api = new HappyrApi($config);

        // etc..
    // ---