This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. No replacement package was suggested.

Provide send and development email.

v1.3.0 2019-09-25 13:02 UTC

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Last update: 2023-02-09 07:04:40 UTC



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This extension for Nette framework 2.4+. Support testing mails

Installation to project

$ composer require h4kuna/mail-manager

How to use

Add to your file NEON

    mailManagerExtension: h4kuna\MailManager\DI\MailManagerExtension

    from: default@example.com
    templateDir: %appDir%/template # home for mail template
    debugMode: %debugMode% # enable FileMailer whose save email to file
    tempDir: %tempDir%/mail # where save email to file
    # optional
	plainMacro: # where will find email like plain text alternative default: '=file=-plain'
    assetsDir: # path to assets
    returnPath: # where back mail whose send non exists mail
    messageFactory: # prepare for Message instance
	globalVars: # global variables for all templates
		foo: bar
		bar: %variable%

    # development    
    live: FALSE # how long live email file in temp directory
        # - FALSE - forever
        # - '+1 minute' - relative time (default)

Support different templates for plain text and for html.

$message = $mailer->createMessage('body', ['foo' => $foo, 'bar' => $bar]);

// if you have body.latte (for html) and body-plain.latte (for plain text) in same directory, then is used. And bind variables onetime.


Prepare latte file in $templateDir/test-file.latte

<strong>variable foo has value:</strong> {$foo}

Send mail.

/* @var $mailer h4kuna\MailManager\MailManager */
$message = $mailer->createMessage('test-file', ['foo' => 'bar'])
           ->addTo('Milan Matejcek <milan.matejcek@gmail.com>');
/* @var $message Nette\Mail\Message */
$message->addBcc('bar@example.com'); // avaible is 'mail' or 'name <mail>'
$mailer->send($message); // if anything bad throw exception


  • display email as html page
  • on development machine default save to file
  • autoremove saved email
  • if path name containt word plain, than set plain text mail to send
  • parse system mail and send, if you haven't installed sendmail on server