An administration package based on Laravel. This package was made according to my personal use to not repeat the same things for each project.


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This package was created for my needs during my various projects, wanting to go faster and faster and not being a fan of CMS, I decided to make myself a back office (an administration) according to my needs and applying my own conventions for not reinventing the wheel. You must use a versioning system like git in order to be able to rollback as needed because the package modifies and adds certain files. All files are generated in your working folder and can be changed at your convenience. The package just serves for file generator.

Package installation


  • PHP >= 8.0
  • Laravel >= 8

Installation via composer

composer require guysolamour/laravel-administrable


For detailed documentation refer to


If you discover security issues, please send an email instead of using the issue system. The email is available in the file composer.json


This package is bootstrapped with the help of melihovv/laravel-package-generator.