Facilitate the movement of data between systems

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Data Flow

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A Flow is a defined series of individual steps each of which modify some data that gets passed to the next step in the flow.


  • Soups simple calling f::moveFiles($targetDir)->each(f::gzip())->moveFiles($ftpDir)->flow($files)
    • transfer files from a remote location, compress using gzip and transfer to another location
  • How to flow
  • Works with PHP 5.6, PHP 7 & HHVM
  • N.B. Uses some command line programs which conform to Ubunutu's syntax.



  • run - Iterate through a set of Flows
  • toAll - Send the same input to each Flow at the same time
  • first - Take the first node from a collection
  • last - Take the last node from a collection
  • filter - Filter out nodes from a collection
  • map - Apply a function to each node in a collection
  • each - Apply a FlowInterface to each node in a collection
  • callback - Apply a callback to the node


  • makeDirectory - Make a directory from a file node
  • merge - Merge a collection of files into a file
  • compress - Compress a file
  • decompress - DeCompress a file
  • gzip - Gzip a file
  • gunzip - Gunzip a file
  • zip - Zip a file
  • unzip - Unzip a file
  • copyFile - Copy a file to a new location
  • copyFiles - Cope a collection of files to a new location
  • moveFile - Move a file to a new location
  • moveFiles - Move a collection of files to a new location
  • convertEncoding - Convert the encoding of a file
  • replaceText - Replace the text in a file
  • tail - Retrieve the last n lines of a file
  • head - Retrieve the first n lines of a file


Via Composer

$ composer require graze/data-flow


DataFlow has a PHPUnit test suite run through Docker 🐳. To run the tests run the following command:

$ make test


Please see CONTRIBUTING for details.

Change log

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If you discover any security related issues, please email instead of using the issue tracker.



The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.